Toreadorgoddess (babyboda) wrote in fredmascherino,

hamburg, germany posted on Aug 31 2004 by: fred

i'm having a hell of a time typing with this keyboard. would you believe it's not the same over here. my high school typing class serves no pupose in germany!!! example: ÄÖÜß^°§§--what's all this about??!! anyway, we are having some serious band hangouts over here. we spent the last week in england and then played in amsterdam yesterday. after the long days of the warped tour this seems like vacation. we're still seeing alot of warped bands over here though. yesterday we played with coheed and bouncing souls. we ran into green day, which was a pretty big deal to us.
so, overall, things are about as good as they can get (other than this keyßöärd). still we miss home and are looking forward to the fall tour. see you soon,

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